For someone who only wears mascara and lipstick on the daily, my make up holder is overflowing!  I am a sucker for the $5 Target sample boxes that occasionally come available online.  And at 56, I know what lipstick colors work for me and yet – oh wait, I’m 57 geez!  That threw me off……  so lipstick… I know what color works for me but it is fun to try new ones ONCE and  evidently let them sit there never to be worn again.

So I ‘KonMari-ed’ the make up today, including the bag I carry around daily and the bin with hair products.  I dumped it all on the table.  Unlike when I did this with all my clothes a few years back, there were no tears, just a sense of ‘where did all this come from?’  I’m keeping the Aruba Aloe products – they are my favorite AND I did get them in Aruba. I will reorder online when I need more, which by the looks of it, will be soon.  And I’m keeping the false eyelashes for now, because….well, I don’t have a good reason, I just want to!  For lipcolor, I’m keeping what I know I like colorwise and tossing the rest.    I keep hanging on to the one last tube of lip moisturizer I bought in Paris, it feels so good that I’ve been saving it instead of using it.  WHY?  I’m going to use it TODAY and enjoy it.

The hair product – oh my gosh, is it the 80’s??  Why do I have so much hairspray AND with the age comes wisdom scenario, my hair does what it wants to no matter how much product I glop onto it so I’m letting it go.  And as I’m writing this I paused and tossed the Big Sexy Hair spray.  It’s a cute name but really my favorite hair accessory is my Foo Fighters ballcap, the Bonjovi days, as far as hair, are over!

What are you hanging on to?  You can leave a comment.  You can press the like button and you can even share the post!  Hmmmm…. I’m figuring this blog out slowly!


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2 Replies to “No more samples!”

  1. Have to admit, you had me laughing on the comment about your hair doing what it wants anyway! Yes, with age comes wisdom .. or at least you learn that just because they Say their product will do means it likely won’t on your hair.
    Good job reducing your inventory!


  2. I’m trying to be painfully honest haha! It felt great to swoop things off the table – one bag for trash and one for donate. The donate went straight in car so I can drop off at the Northwest Center donation truck this week – no temptation to sneak things back in! Thank you for commenting.


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