Watts is Volts times Amps

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Oh, yes…. I’m going there!  We installed the inverter about a month ago but it was such a ‘math’ thing to me I wasn’t comfortable writing about it.  So let me start by saying, it’s not near as complicated as I thought it was, of course I was setting the bar pretty low!

Our 1975 GMC Eleganza 2 had a 1000 watt converter, which we removed.  Now pay attention class…. a converter take the 120 (essentially shore power) and converts it to 12 volt to run off the ‘house battery/ies’ and to charge said batteries.  The house batteries in this case are the RV batteries that run the ‘home’.  Our particular converter had two outlets you could plug, say your convection over or a hair dryer, into – something less then 1000 watts and you could only plug it into the converter which was in the second from bottom drawer in the hallway!  We removed that converter.  This is when you are NOT plugged into shore power or, at this moment, into the outlet outside the garage.

Okay…. so we wanted to run all of our newly installed outlets (regular ac and usb ports) so we bought a 2000 watt pure sign wave inverter.  With this inverter we will be able to run the entire coach off pure residential sign wave. To run a tv and/or phones and computers you need a smooth wave – no spikes.  We wired our inverter directly into the 120 breaker panel so we can run all the outlets.  The inverter needed to have a charger built into it, since at that moment in time we did not have solar panels to charge it when not plugged into an outside electrical source or  were running our generator.

We now have three ways to charge our house batteries (generator, inverter charger and the alternator in the coach (engine compartment). When solar is installed (spoiler alert… it’s installed!) we will have four ways to charge.

We have two six volt 210 amp golf cart batteries.  Golf cart batters are deep cycle, you can cycle them more frequently then a standard car battery.  Lithium batteries – ahem @Battlebornbatteries (!) – are really the way to go but they are pricey.  Our batteries are running in series to provide 420 amps.

So….with our batteries we have 420 amp hours, but you can only take into consideration half those because you can only drain to 50% of your batteries capacity,  Which means you have 210 amp hours.  Because we have changed all our of light fixtures to LED lights we have nearly no draw for lights, the fridge is 12v and 120 and is a low draw also.  Now we do enjoy watching tv, our smart tv runs on 45 watts which is 3.75 amps ( this is for Danny)

I(A) = P(W) / (PF × V(V)

so we should be able to watch tv for 56 hours.  And if I calculated wrong, then we are just going to bed earlier!

To sum it all up – we will be able to live off grid for longer periods of time then when we originally purchased Our New Neighborhood and we are looking forward to those explorations!


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