Crossed fingers did help keep the earth from quaking!

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Living in Seattle you are aware that ‘the big one’ could come at anytime – the city tore down our viaduct and put in an underground tunnel in anticipation of an earthquake knocking us all for a loop.  So when you know your husband is going to be sliding under the GMC Motorhome Eleganza II – with it’s very low profile – you cross  your fingers that the earth holds still for the weekend!

While there is no ‘good’ time to do the repairs necessary, doing them at home in the driveway is optimum vs at a campsite.  We drove the rear wheels onto the ramps he built, lifted the RV with the air suspension, put a few bottle jacks under the bumper for good measure, threw in a few cursory swear words in anticipation and it was time to slide under.  After replacing the broken gate valve with the Thetford 12836 Electra Magic Slide EZ Valve, but not before drilling a hole into the handle to attach the lever, it was time to reroute the waste tank pipe.  The pipe was installed to empty behind the rv, under the bumper.  We replaced that with new 3″ pvc pipe and rerouted to the rear driver side.   This will take pressure off the ‘stinky slinky’ by making it a straight line to attach to traditional campground sewer drain locations.

The test runs were great – no leaking at the valve gate and water flows out the new pipe.  And the wheels are now on solid ground!


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