From the creators of the first GMC MotorHome comes Eleganza II

Eleganza II is a new concept in motorhome thinking….Like the first GMC Motor Home, it is sleek, rather than boxy. It is low, with a lowcenter of gravity for easy handling. It has tandem read* wheels instead of dual. Air suspension at the rear instead of springs. And
front wheel drive.

The new plan….What’s special is the fact Eleganza II is made in small quantities. It
has just one skillfully executed floor plan. One specially appointed
interior. One-size only. Many popular features that might be extra cost options on some motorhomes are standard on this GM

I love the brochure I found this past weekend.  Love the description of the Eleganza II.

The countdown to hitting the road fulltime is 1600 days!  We are weeks away from our first shakedown which, while it may seem silly to the masses, we will be doing in the driveway.  We will treat it as though we are on the road (no sneaking in the house for a shower or to the pantry if we forgot something!), and test all the systems. Anything that may need fixing we will have the luxury of being home and able to do it instead of at a park or casino or Harvest Host sight.

P.S. The mattress arrived yesterday but more on that later!


*did they mean ‘road’??


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