Is it ‘getting crafty’ or ‘upcycling’ or simply improving what we have?

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Some day’s you just need to dig out the hot glue gun and get creative.  The leather grab handle for the door, while great quality, needed a makeover.  It’s nice to be able to recycle something instead of buying or creating something new.  A small roll of jute for $3.29 and my hot glue gun updated the handle and it will blend in well with the beach theme we have for the interior.

I’m also making two sets of valances.  One  for the rear window roller blind and the other for the cellular blind for one of the windows in living area.  The curve of the  GMC Motorhome Eleganza II keeps the blinds from hanging straight down the wall. I thought about using wire to create a curve to keep them against the window.  I looked for hooks that could swivel to hold the blinds back.  It’s important to me not to add more clutter to the walls but I couldn’t find an invisible solution!

We had made a light weight wood  valance  to fit the curve of the window, I first tried to modge podge  with colored wrapping paper.    The modge podge is great for a kids project (me) or someone with a lot of patience to get every little wrinkle out (ummmmm…. not me).  I didn’t like it painted over either.  After a bit of disappointment of how that was a fail, I looked around to see what I had without making another purchase.  I used the remaining piece of blackout curtain which was too late to return when I changed my mind about it’s original use.   I sorted through the pile of things we had taken out of our GMC Motorhome Eleganza II and found the valances.  I would never hang them back up as they were, but covering over the batting and existing material, they are now ‘new’.  Plus they are already the correct size so no reinventing the wheel!  We have left over vinyl that we used for the ceiling, I’m going to use it for the living area valance.  Let the crafting continue!


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