The mattress is coming this week

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Luxurious quiet quarters
Eleganza II offers a plush environment in which to relax, sleep, dine
… …For extra privacy, Eleganza II’s rear compartment is easily separated
from the forward area. And there’s a new drapery design with special
blackout lining and efficient mounting snaps, top and bottom.

While still plush, I suppose, our RV had been remodeled in the early 90’s and the drapery had been replaced with levolor blinds and the pink. The levolor blinds had taken a beating over the years and the pink, well you know, it just had to go. We stripped the ‘rear compartment’ to the bare bones and installed new wiring and a new water pump, added storage under the bed platform we built, replaced the ceiling fan with a MaxxFan and mounted a small tv under the passenger side cupboard.  We bought new blackout blinds from, gray for the side windows and yellow for the back window to tie it together with the rest of the color scheme in the main living area.  The entire area will be a bed, we will center the mattress and add foam at the head and toe area to fill in the extra 5 inches on each end, giving us 54 inches by 90 inches of sleeping area.  Thankful for the DIY King that is my husband of 35 years!

With all that work done, what is now the bedroom is nearly ready and the mattress is on it’s way.  We ordered a full size extra long 10 inch Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress from Amazon.  Every decision is based on a lot of research and reading reviews, at some point you just have to bite the bullet and place the order.  I’m happy with the ‘brick’ we added to give a bit more insulation and a softer wall and am especially pleased with the outlet shelf!  I’m looking forward to finding out if the Quickzip sheets live up to my expectations.  Can’t wait to be sleeping under the stars.


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