300 Neighborhood Yard Sales – did I survive???

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garage sale sign

So here I am cleaning out closets and cabinets and garden supplies and what happens today??  The 11th Annual West Seattle Garage Sale day – oh boy!  I didn’t let the fact that I am not on pace for the 30 Day Challenge (see previous post) send me on a buying spree.   Don’t get me wrong – signs like the one above caught my attention and we did a lot of walking from one sale to the other and catching up with neighbors we haven’t seen in years.    I did find two wire cabinet organizers ($2.00) and two placemats I can use to line the kitchen drawers to keep things from sliding ($2.00). I am feeling victorious.  And…. I did set out 8 yard chairs today marked free and there are only three left so it was a very good day.

(and congratulations to the Hellinger family and the Texas Rangers!)

#DIY #Restomod #garagesalefever #GMCmotorhome #Eleganza2 #buynowregretlater #simplify #minimize

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