Now that we have things sorted through, where do we take it?

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Yes, he is cute but it was time to rehome our little friend.  It’s just not the type of toad* we need anymore.  Some things are easier to get rid of then others and it does tug at your heart when things go to the landfill instead of finding a person who can use your items.

My friend, Lisa Wallace-Baker, posted this last week.  I printed it out and put on my bulletin board for those times I am stumped on where some of my things could best be used. Click on the photo to read the entire article.



*Per @RVLove   While you may not find it in the dictionary, in the RV world, the word TOAD is slang for “towed vehicle” – typically a car, SUV or off road vehicle that you tow behind your motorhome, to make it easier (and less expensive) to get around and about, explore, shop and run errands in the areas you visit with your RV.


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