“The Art of Letting Go”

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I sold the seatbelts from the GMC this week.  It felt great to know someone could use them and it justified (?) my hoarding everything we have pulled out of the GMC. We have not donated/sold/thrown/given anything away until we have either 1) replaced it 2) fixed it or 3) decided we absolutely won’t need it. The pile is getting smaller.

I want simplicity – one cup (that holds hot and cold), a spoon, a fork, a knife, a plate, a bowl.  I want the weight of all the ‘stuff’ off my shoulders.  It’s true I want to be in charge of the how and when, in that I don’t want someone walking in my house and stripping everything out!  This week a friend asked if I would share the binder of notes I took when planning our trip to Paris, I looked around a bit and then remembered – I don’t have it anymore.  I cherish my travel journal and the sd card(s) with the slideshow I created but I had NO regrets the pre-trip binder was gone.

Besides watching Youtube videos on RV-ing and podcasts since we got rid of cable, I love TED talks.  One of my favorites that I have watched/listened to repeatedly is The Art of Letting Go.  This month I am challenging myself to their 30 day challenge – day 1, you get rid of one thing, day 2, two things, etc.  Not sure how far I will get in the month, 15 things on the 15th sounds like a lot but I’m giving it a go. There were three pairs of seatbelts – on the 6th I got rid of six things!    https://www.theminimalists.com/game/



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