Digging behind that dash again…

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Like fishing with a six year old and spending the trip untangling their line or trying to find that sock that disappeared in the laundry – arghhhhhhhhhh – looking for the solution to why the dash air system isn’t working can be a bit frustrating!  While hoping something just wiggled loose the truth is that 40+ year old wiring needed to be replaced in addition to tracing how a PO may have decided to make a quick fix and undo their work.  The dash is brittle and no one wants to buy a new one so keeping that in mind while taking it apart is a challenge in itself.  After a few hours of this, that and the other the lights all work on the dash, we have heat and air conditioning and the dash is reinstalled no worse for wear!  We added two cans of freon, which so far have not leaked.  We are feeling pretty ‘cool’ at this point.

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But wait…there’s more.  The weather in Seattle was lovely this weekend so up on the roof to replace the (original?) fan from the bedroom area and install a MaxxFan.  Removing the old fan was not difficult but scraping all the old silicone took some time.  Now the fan is in, sealed with Dicor and working great.  We are happy to have MaxxFan’s in front and back with the air conditioner in the center – we are set for summer temperatures.



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