Now that the weather is improving, we are taking more of an interest in the overhead air conditioner.  It is a Dometic Duo-therm Brisk Air and has worked sporadically.  Up on the roof  he goes to remove the cover and give things a blow out.  Years of dirt and dust have accumulated  and after getting it cleaned up, we tested it and while the fan has worked the entire time, it’s still not getting air conditioner cold.  So he took out the capacitors and the relay switch and gave them a good (dry) cleaning, popped them back in (I’m making it sound easier then it was of course) and it works beautifully.  It takes a few minutes for the compressor to come on, as it should, and while there is no manual thermostat it does turn itself off when it’s cold enough and restarts when the temperature begins to rise.  Just like it should.

Oh, the last two photos – shudder – that was under the AC cover!  Now I figure the round nests are for wasps but I do NOT know what that disgusting poopie looking nest is, maybe the infamous mud daubers I’ve heard talk of?  I don’t know but it was dried out and empty and came off easily with a high pressure hose then I put some elbow grease into it so no remnants were left, while wearing gloves!  It still gives me shivers down my spine!


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