35 years later… the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle still impresses

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Our New Neighborhood

When people raise their eyebrows after learning our RV is 44 years old, we ask them if they have seen the movie Stripes.  You can see them looking back in their minds eye to the recollect movie and then they smile!  Yes – that is part of the charm of our new home, it is a statement piece. Here is an article about the movie and the GMC Motorhome’s co-starring role.


Do you ever know what happened to the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle, because our readers love military tech so I think they would love to get their hands on that?

It was around at Columbia [Studios] for the longest time, but they clearly don’t have it because I have all the old vehicles outside of my offices of Ghost Corp at Sony which is the home of Columbia. I have both Ecto-Ones from the old [Ghostbusters] movie and the new movie. I remember it had gone on tour and I think it fell apart finally. I thought it would be always funny to have an assault vehicle that looked like a camper van.

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