Easier to do this before we hit the road!

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Spent an hour or so at McClendon’s Hardware Store looking for the proper fittings since USA is about only country that doesn’t use metric, but we found all water fittings.  The gas fittings we will order off Amazon today.

He built mounting brackets and then we fed the lines into the bathroom.  The white hose is cold water intake, the red is the hot water outtake, the black hose is the condensation hose for the refrigerator.  We closed off the area on the floor so when replacing the batteries (two D batteries), if they slip out of my fingers, they don’t fall into the wheel well.    The duct venting is hooked up and we insulated the closet where the refrigerator will return.

As soon as we finish watching The Motorhome Experiment’s live Youtube broadcast we will be ordering the eight feet gas line and T fitting!




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