We took the doors off first and then once we removed the little plastic plugs we were able to get to the (very loose) screws.  How it hasn’t fallen out onto the floor on one of it’s trips I just don’t know.  Well, it was still snug as a bug so maybe that was why.  He opened the outside vent door to push while I was inside pulling and, truth be told, shouting “I don’t want this to fall on me!!!” Little did I know the Norcold Electric Refrigerator is not very heavy.  The brackets will have to be replaced as they are pretty mangled from the ‘earthquake’ effects of driving an RV over the years.

We were again so happy to see no water damage anywhere and no evidence of there ever being a rodent visit.  We will have to replace the insulation that over time has disintegrated between the ceiling around the vent, which we had already planned on doing.  It was reassuring to know our new tankless hotwater heater (TCMT 18 liter from Amazon) will fit.  We DO expect it to not be a plug and play type installation but being able to install it where we wanted is a good beginning.


#DIY #TCMT #restomod #Norcold #GMCMotorhome #rvlife #retirementhurry

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