A can of spray paint works wonders

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With the refrigerator out it gives us an opportunity to rethink whether we should, or how we should, update its exterior.  Since it didn’t fall on my toes when we pulled it out I’m feeling charitable and want to show it some love!  The gold trim really is dated – and with all the photos we’ve taken I can’t believe I don’t have one directly of the fridge argh!  I have to make do with this photo which shows the back of one section, that obviously needs another visit with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush, next to a freshly painted section.  The brushed nickel spray paint brings it up to date along with the new kitchen  and bathroom faucets.

There are options for the refrigerator door panels like chalk board paint, stainless steel panels and magnetized spray paint to name a few.  I like to decorate with photos from our own travels but I also know in a small space I don’t want anything to feel cluttered even if it’s a collage of photos I love.  This morning I ordered a decorative panel that I can cut to fit and use a decoupage type finish to apply. I will put it on the back of the original panels so if I hate it I can keep what we had! Funny how easy some decisions are to make and what should be the most simple can stump me.

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