There are a lot of things to consider when essentially building a bedroom from scratch – especially when you have a space of 54×90 inches and you need to make the most of every inch. We wanted to be sure we have additional storage and can raise the mattress to access the area.

I saw a photo of someone’s bedroom where the top of the bedding was level to the bottom window sill and I really liked how that looked.  So many decisions to consider, which mattress and how thick will it be, is it coils and foam, foam only, rv queen or full size,before he can start designing the space for under the bed where storage containers will be able to slide in and out besides the large area in the center for larger items.  AND we need to be able to access the plumbing in case of emergency.   This was definitely a challenge to our patience but the base/foundation is complete!  I have been trying to use these peel and stick bricks for SOMETHING and I think they will be perfect to line walls of the storage area.

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