Necessity is the mother of invention

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Well, perhaps necessity is a stretch but….finding a spot to put the monitor aka tv without interfering with our view or mounting it to the ceiling with an arm to lower it and then ducking to avoid knocking our noggins every time we leave the room was a real thing.  So he ordered this standing shoe storage unit from Ikea and transformed it into a tv lift cabinet. The motorized unit we ordered from Amazon arrived this week.  The search for a tv to fit perfectly and not weigh too much was a challenge in itself but it’s now in ‘my cart’ waiting for me to hit the buy now button.  This unit is thin and will fit perfectly under the window, with enough shelf space on top for flameless candles and other tchotchke’s that can be moved easily when we want to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or Jay Leno’s Garage – whichever wins the coin toss.

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