This morning I was reading through some of my favorite RV bloggers sites and was so inspired by @AlwaysonLiberty.  She wrote about their waking up to silence and beauty, it was so well written.  It made me look for pictures from road trips we’ve gone on and the happiness it’s given us. I’m so looking forward to these moments being a part of our life on a regular basis, not just a week out of the year.

This is what Lisa wrote:   Sunrise off our stern. We woke to total silence. No vehicle traffic, no slamming doors, no engines, no air purifier, no barking dogs, not even purring kitties. As we laid in bed, not a word was spoken. We just took it in. Our kitties were in deep slumber nestled next to us for warmth. We could see the sunrise peeking through the edge of our window shade. I wanted to go out and get some photos. We slithered out from the layers that kept us all warm all night. Dan made the coffee while I dressed and slipped outside. * It wasn’t all about the photography that took me. It was the crisp air and the sounds of the desert life waking. I just stood still watching and listening. I could hear birds wings as they lift in flight and something scurrying on the ground not far from my feet. This truly is our paradise.

@heartlandrvs @battlebornbatteries

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