Anticipation…. it isn’t making me late, but it is keeping me waiting (you know, Carole King lyrics??).  This time last year I saw a pizza stone at Bartell Drugs on clearance so scooped it up in anticipation of the gas oven we would eventually have in the RV we would purchase.  On RV forums there are many people asking how to regulate the temperature of their gas oven. The responses were either, “I replaced mine with a convection oven.” or “Put in a pizza stone.”  I went with the pizza stone.

Our gas stove top works great but the oven element does not work.  Thanks to ever vigilant searches on ebay – yesterday our element arrived!  I doubt we will have it installed in time to use as a back up oven for Thanksgiving but I’m betting it will be in soon.

I’ve been eager to get the blanket I ordered on, it arrived yesterday also.  I love the quality of the photos and the cozy feel of the blanket.  I’m anti Black Friday sales, unless it’s online, so looking forward to seeing what special deal they have this weekend and ordering a few more blankets.  I anticipate these blankets being my pop of color!


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