Things to be thankful for… air tools!

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I knew as soon as I sat down I would forget what the name of this tool is… chipper, cutter, no…. ugh.  (NIBBLER) Well, thankfully there is an edit button so I can add it later.  Once we figured out which tool worked more efficiently to make all the cuts – the jig saw and wheel saw weren’t so smooth as the unnamed tool (NIBBLER lol)- it was smooth sailing.  We started out laying the formica on saw horses but it was an awkward position to lean into.  Standing in the driveway and laying it over wood in the yard was easier.  It didn’t take long to get all three sheets of this puzzle cut apart.  We are pondering if this should be used for the lower walls too instead of the bead board.  Gosh – so many ‘important’ decisions.  It’s nice that these days our toughest decisions seem to be on the color of interior of our RV!  I can live with that.

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