Spreading out and getting to it

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I don’t want to jinx anything by saying it feels like we are moving along pretty well on the interior, but having the floor laid out in the middle of the living room seems to have come faster then I thought it would.  There are only a few  smaller pieces we didn’t label when we pulled them down, but we will be able to puzzle it together when the time comes. It is nice to have a room to stack things until we need them.

I’ve been torn about what to use for the walls under the windows, I have bead board put aside but I love the crisp clean look of what we are putting up for the ceiling.  Maybe we will continue this throughout the RV and then add design elements and color with the window framing and accent pieces. I love the light we get from the windows and want to be sure they are used to their full capacity.  Oh boy, if I don’t hit publish right now I will be here for an hour hemming and hawing over the many possibilities!

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