The headliner (can’t I just call it the ceiling?) and a movie

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The CEILING arrived today – it is the shade of white I was hoping for when I looked on line at the Home Depot site.  There are two large boxes for our five sheets of 4’x8′ of stiff yet pliable formica laminate.  (It was a great idea Jeff.)  I’m glad we thought ahead to use what we took out for templates and will be equally glad when they can be properly disposed of.

Yesterday I got an email from Epic Nomad Life the movie that features so many of the fulltime RV’ers we follow was available to stream.  We’ve been watching the progress of the movie and waiting to be able to watch it.  RV Nomads The Movie spells out the many different stories of why and how they decided to hit the road and how it’s changed their lives and of course… there’s always a good poop story!


#lessjunkmorejourney #drivinandvibin #rvlove #mortonsonthemove

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