It’s getting cold outside

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We better get prepared for the cold weather – these 50 degree days won’t last for much longer.  I admit years ago when we had an RV  (a small Tioga),we didn’t prep for winter and we had pipes to replace come spring.  Off to Home Depot to get Gap Filler insulation and while we are there we grab dimmer switches and other goodies, cuz there is no point in going there if you aren’t going to spend $100!

I love our gadgets, like the mobile camera we have.  We’ve already looked through the toilet and into the combined black/gray tank – and things look ‘good’ or as good as that view can look.  Now we use the camera to look through all the spaces behind cabinets and closets and we verify everything is dry and nothing looks out of place.  It’s time to figure out where all the petcocks and valves are you open to drain the lines and the fresh water tank.  I need to get a post-it and put it on the second shelf under sink to remind me in the spring to close the two hidden back there!  I’m enjoying learning more about the literal behind the scenes of our GMC.  The tank is now empty and we use the air compressor to gently (less then 30 psi) blow out the lines.  It wasn’t a day where you can sit back and say, “Wow, look what we got done today.” but we are able to check a few things off the list and that in itself is satisfying.

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