Enjoying a giggle and being thankful

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Someone called the GMC Motorhome a van limo and it makes me laugh when it squeeks a bit when we walk around inside.  I can’t help but think, ‘if this van’s a rockin’…….’ So out to grease the bushings today!  While he’s getting dirty, I’m trying to make order of the tools we need to keep accessible but out of the way.

I’m enjoying writing the blog, without it there is no way we would remember all the little things we’ve been doing to make her our own.  This is such a good format to take notes for us and to share with those that are interested in our journey or the process we are taking to update the GMC for those that may be doing the same.  It felt like such a risk to publish a blog but having  friends and family call or send an email and begin a conversation with what we are posting is so reassuring.  Thank you.


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