What’s with a sunny weekend???  We chose the other fork in the road today and decided that outside work (on a dry roof) was the way to go, besides we are dying to try out the Maxxfans.  The original 40+ year old fan came out relatively easy.  We (he) gently scraped all the old sealer on the roof, washed and wiped dry with rubbing alcohol.  We are glad we have airtools to make some things easier – like cutting metal surfaces to the correct size.  The new fan popped right in after he applied Dicor to create a tight seal, then  Dicor-ed over the screws.  The screws that came with the fan don’t have screw heads so  we used some we happened to have, with an airtool, to install the fan.   The Maxxfan is very quiet,  reversible and has a remote control in case, I guess, you don’t want to stand up to turn it off or on.  We will insert the inside cover after we get the headliner installed.  One down, one more to go.

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