I’m not sure why she is a she…. well except the interior kinda shouts feminine.  ‘She’ is 26 feet long, so fits perfectly in the driveway.  We had budgeted for storage fees but it sure is nice to be able to just go outside,  without lugging things into the truck, driving somewhere, unloading the truck and THEN, at this point, looking to see what we should do first.

You can see Olaf may have an idea or two – like get rid of this Fruit Smoothie interior.  We are working on the list of to-do’s and the order in which things should be done, evidently that’s a thing ‘order’.  We have found great sites on Facebook like Classic GMC Motorhomes and I’ve been following RV Interior’s for quite a while.  The spiral notebook that was for all notes, like grocery lists, errands, Thanksgiving menu ideas, etc is now full of motorhome ideas.  Guess I will add another spiral binder to the list of things to buy and save that receipt for the binder of expenses and records of what we have and will be purchasing.

We are looking forward to setting a timeline of sorts and I think I need an RV hoodie (?!) to wear exclusively while pulling up carpet and pulling down headliners and all the other dirty work before we get to the ‘fun’ stuff!

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