Now that she is here, what do we do?

This has been in the planning for so long – it’s exciting and, for me, kind of scary.  It puts us one step closer to the future we are planning.  Oh, I know there will be a lot of steps but this is that one giant leap!

So at the crack of dawn, I am out with a sponge and sudsy water to wash down all the cupboards and closet doors because ya just gotta start somewhere!  I enjoy just sitting in the home and knowing she is ours and the future seems bright.  Speaking of bright…. do you know how many shades of white there are when you are looking at paint colors??  Time to grab the spiral binder and a measuring tape.  I would begin taking down the pink wall covering but I do want a few friends to see the before in person before we start to dismantle her.

Over the weekend we flip every switch and turn on every light, we run the generator and start the engine, we ignite the stove top and we investigate why the gas oven doesn’t work.  We pull the seating area couches into a bed – and take a two hour nap!  That is a great test – the windows are curved in such a way that (if it wasn’t the middle of the afternoon!) we would be able to see stars while laying in bed AND we know now the seating has to go and we will get a mattress instead.  I think it would be perfectly fine if you were only ‘camping’ but living in her, we need it to be more comfortable.

Looks like the next step should be figuring out how to post photos on this blog!


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