Is this the one?

The 1975 GMC Eleganza 2 – the same vehicle in the movie Stripes starring Bill Murray and featuring a young John Candy – is looking mighty fine as we finish the test drive and see no evidence of water damage, among other key points of our inspection.  The only negative may be the interior color scheme that was obviously done in the mid-80’s as it is ‘fruit smoothie’ (pink) wall to wall carpet with matching dinette furniture along with the sitting slash bedroom in the back.  The couch/bunk is a throw back to a Martha Stewart magazine of the same era – blue and pink flower print and not just in the background but loud and proud!  I’m thinking, please don’t let it grow on me as we decided to PURCHASE  this RV!  My happiness grows as we sign the paperwork and I see the current owner was King Neptune for Seafair (Seattle locals will understand!) – hmmmm…. a pirate theme for the interior??  No….. no pink…no pirate!

Off we go – driving our girl home.  It’s exciting to follow and see all the lights work and that it isn’t leaning from one side or the other.  When we get home and I jump out of the truck to direct the backing into the driveway I panic for a moment and think, ‘We didn’t practice hand signals!’  I guess after 34 years of marriage he is able to read my flailing hands to know left, right, stop, slow, 6, 5, 4…. STOP!  We are home, we are happy and we can’t wait to dig in and start this new stage of the journey to the journey.



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