Looking at a GMC

In the past we have had challenges with Craigslist.  Sometimes you make an appointment to meet with someone and they sold the item just before you get there, or they aren’t there at all or the product isn’t close to what they advertised. So we are wary when we find a particular RV we want to see.  The address is posted so husband is able to drive past on his way home from work and, if nothing else, it is where it’s supposed to be and that’s encouraging.   Two points in it’s favor, it’s relatively close to home and from a slowwww drive by it looks to be in one piece!

We made an appointment to go after work to look at the GMC.  We have looked a few (dozen) times at the ad.  We continue to research on youtube and I found a few active sites on Facebook so we can get a feel of what people who currently own this make and model feel about it.

On our way to look at the RV we remind each other that this is a great opportunity to see what the GMC really looks like, how big/small is 26 feet…. you know, kick the tires.  When we arrive the owner is waiting for us and welcomes us to walk around and go inside to check things out.  I try to remember all those ‘buying a used rv’ tips, pushing on walls and stomping on floor to look for water damage,  sniff and sniff again to see if there is  an odor, open cupboards, turn on lights.  I admit, I did NOT pretend to drop the bar of soap but the wet shower is good size.  The generator is humming and we ask to take a test drive.  The engine starts right up and we take it around the area – trying out the brakes, see how much get up and go it has, how does it idle, I’m sure ‘we’ were looking and listening for other things but I was more interested in the interior.  The adorable storage that looks like airline luggage storage – how do you use that rounded space to take advantage of every inch???  I love the double sink, is that more practical then one large sink? The refrigerator is bigger then I thought it would be, but what power source did he say it runs off?

Once the test drive is over we walk around the RV again, look at the tires and wheels, look at hoses, husband brought a flashlight and looked in all the outside compartments.  There is a lot of looking.  Gyads….. how close are we to buying this thing???


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