Does it have to be ‘this’ or nothing?

We have been very focused on one particular model for over a year, the Safari Trek.  I have to ask myself, is it because of the electro-magic bed and artwork on the back???  As we continue to research there are some other models that have caught our eye.  The Vogue Motorcoach is beautiful but it’s a beast – much longer then we really want.  The GMC Motorhome is right up our alley too – all those windows.   Sometimes having choices makes things harder, it seemed easier when we were singularly focused!  The hunt continues – browsing RV Trader and Craigslist and watching Youtube videos to get a glimpse of inside and out of the RV’s that pique our interest.

We keep going back to the GMC, we love the look of it, I would certainly be able to recognize which one was ours in a parking lot!  The quality of the interior cabinets alone is something to consider besides the larger then a cruise ship shower stall in the wet bath.  The aluminum and fiberglass body gives you a better chance of no water damage (better not complete!)  This is the wiki link to better understand the who, what and why…

Sooooo…. we have found three GMC’s in relative close proximity to home.  I want to stand in one and touch the walls, open the cabinets, and as some say, pretend to drop a bar of soap in the shower and see if there is enough room to bend over and pick it up. I think this is called the ‘is the shower big enough or am I going to cry every morning test’! The email messages are sent.  Responses  vary from one would have to be towed, one may be available later but one of them runs.   In the meantime I hate to admit I’m looking at interior paint colors and wallpaper and backsplash Pinterest ideas in anticipation.  Well, really, what comes first the chicken or the egg????

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