Our dream may not be their dream.

What is the response when we tell our friends and family that we want to get rid of nearly every possession we own and live in an RV?  Well… it’s a mixed bag.  We have been following couples/families on YouTube for the last three years, so of course to us this is a no-brainer – doesn’t everyone live on the road (or on a boat)??  We have been to a few meet and greets with The Motorhome Experiment, visiting with like-minded people who are already living their dream which gives us even more inspiration.

Of course true friends admit while it may not be for them – they are excited for our journey.  My dear friend Cheryl is even watching a few fulltimers on YouTube herself, maybe not ‘catching the fever’ but definitely onboard for us.  Others not so much, which is fine, our decisions aren’t based on what others think.  Finding the courage to take steps off the beaten path is gratifying and we feel we are living for our true selves.  This courage gives us the inner strength to not take to heart the raised brows when you bring it up, say…. at a Block Watch Party . It makes me laugh out loud when I write this nearly two months later as I remember the ‘hmmmmm…… oh…… hmmmmmm’ reaction from a particular neighbor.

Our son has been onboard since the beginning.  He and his girlfriend own a Butcher Shop/Sandwich Shop and we  laugh/fantasize about how great it would be for them to get a food truck and follow us across the country!

The things is – the people that truly love you will support your nutty to them ideas and those that don’t….maybe it’s time to not just minimize your possessions but minimize your other excess baggage too.

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