The search is on….

We know it may take months to find the home we have in mind. Am I anxious we will feel we set a date to purchase instead of a date to search and feel pressure to buy the first thing we see? Yes!

While we research and save so we can pay cash – I want to go into this with no debt – we are making phone calls on Craigslist ads and RV Trader to see what is available for the price we think is reasonable for us.  We found a Safari Trek within 30 miles of our home – gosh, how great would that be?  In the ad it states there is body damage but they managed to not post the damage in the 20 photos of the RV they did put in the ad.  There are 150,000 miles on the gas engine.  But I’m still thinking – it’s so close….. let’s ignore the important facts.  Eventually my brain kicks in and we say convenience over quality is not the way to go!  Duh!

I called a dealer in Eldridge, IA (isn’t that where Tom Arnold and loose meat sandwiches are from?) – I have my list of questions and somewhat apologetically giggle at the poor salesman who is answering honestly and the condition of the RV is NOT good.  Here are my questions:  What is the mileage? What is the running condition?  How was the test drive? What is the tire condition? Is there (much) rust on the chassis? Are there pet or smoking odors? Is there water damage? Do you have the service records? What are the generator hours? Is there window damage?  Basic questions but they seem to lead to other questions during the conversation.  Needless to say…. strike two.  We have time – we have time – we have time.

While we are looking…. what do friends and family think?


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