What do we need?

The question has gone from what do we want to what do we need.  While I want to live simply, I don’t want to live cheap.  The same (new to  me) philosophy applies to what do we need to be happy.  Do I need to bring all 32 of my scrapbooks that we never, sadly,  look through or can I verify I have all the photos saved on sd cards and let the actual books go? (yes) Do I need to save my kids’, who are now 33 and 29, baby blankets and clothes they wore home from the hospital and/or their elementary school papers or can I ask if they want them and then let them go?  (yes) Do I need six baking cake pans or is one enough? (yes)

So….. our first visit to an RV show was an eye opener – walking into a brand new fifth wheel with front living and a huge kitchen – well, heck, sign me up!  Thankfully we knew we weren’t ready to buy that day or we would have the wrong for us RV.  It was fun to walk through a variety of homes and envision how we would adapt to this new way of living.

I don’t think we went back to the drawing board, maybe we started a new drawing board.  It seems the majority of fulltime RV-ers started big then learned that smaller was better for what they were doing.  It makes sense for us to think and rethink what the vision for our future could be.

What do we need?  Quality manufacturing, no wasted space, ability to tow a small truck that will carry one motorcycle (the others gotta go!) and my scooter and a way to easily pursue our crafting hobbies.  I love photography and husband is an airbrush artist of sorts.  We want to create an area where we can spread out and to easily store and get to our supplies.

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