A treasure hunt is different for everyone. How many water bottles have I bought trying to find the ‘perfect one’? I think this may be it. This will be perfect for taking on cruises and to have in the RV. I’m not a big soda drinker but I am a fan of Crystal Light packets (or the store generic version) so having a reusable water bottle is a treasure for me. I have lugged standard water bottles around but once it’s empty I have a hard time keeping track of them. This bottle folds up nicely and can easily fit in a purse, backpack or even a sweater pocket.

With his retirement just a few short months away, I wanted to fix up an office for this new chapter in his life. Sometimes the treasure you are looking for is already in your home. After scouring Facebook Marketplace and a few Goodwill and Value Village stores I thought of this secretary desk that his mom had gifted us decades ago. It’s been a part of our lives for so long it just blended in with the rest of the house and it never occurred to me that we had a great solution for a desk. We had a great weekend with our grandson hitting second hand stores and found this great kaleidoscope music box with a rotating globe to feed that travel itch. A leather pencil cup was on my list of things to find but when we went to the first garage sale of the season, this leather desk organizer for $1 was too good to pass up.

This months biggest treasure may be what we found at Goodwill this weekend. We have been looking to change up the outdoor furniture and found two of these Steamer loungers WITH the cushions for $59 each. I’m not good at spending that much at a second hand store but we’ve been doing vintage/garage sales/second hand shopping since before it was ‘cool’ and knew these were good pieces. The cushions alone are $231 each and the chairs go for $324 each. You don’t have to be at a beach resort in your RV to be a happy camper! Have you found a treasure lately?

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