The sun was shining on our community garage sale day, both literally and figuratively. What a great day we had seeing so many neighbors out and about. Not only were we all treasure hunting in some form or other, everyone was welcoming and happy and eager to visit.

We were on somewhat of a mission for a new to us lawn mower and within 30 minutes we found a Craftsman Lawn Mower for $25. What a great find. He did a ‘test run’ when we got home by mowing the front and back yard and it works great.

We’ve been looking for a chair for his retirement office and found this sweet thing. I love the beachy color and the height adjustment works great. Another great find.

There were over 400 sales that day. We parked and walked block to block to cover the multifamily garage sales. There was such a variety of items like these skateboards. I found some vintage amber pyrex casserole dishes that are now a part of my collection. If I had found mid-70’s Tupperware salt and pepper shakers I would have scooped them up in a flash for our 1975 GMC Eleganza II motorhome.

The scarves were a great find for $1 each. They will be great to use for travel and give my solid black wardrobe a few pops of color. I love a good treasure hunt!

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