Week Two of the AC improvements

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While she could use another bath, the Eleganza has a new ‘skyline’. The roof top air conditioner is off and a simple self cranking roof vent is installed. We have the Maxxfans and don’t feel the need for a third so this is a great solution, for us, for filling the hole where the ac was. We need to build a small frame for the inside to pretty it up, the fan fits as it should but there is a narrow border that needs to be framed in for cosmetic reasons.

Fall is coming so we have a self imposed schedule to get things done before the Seattle eight month rainy season begins. It’s not that you can’t get things done in the rain but the fall/winter/spring doldrums can weigh you down. This week the mornings were a little chilly so I was able to do a few tests with the mini split’s heating function. I set it to 70 degrees, heat, and turned the fan on to the second speed setting. I noticed there was a ‘follow me’ setting on the remote which I didn’t understand at first so ignored it (of course). An hour later it dawned on me what that meant so went back into the rv, hit the follow me button and moved the remote to the front of the rv. The fan then kept running until the temperature was equal throughout the rv. We will be testing the ac’s follow me success soon

It’s not as exciting as the mini split – but I got a new welcome mat for her. The one we had cracked right in half on our last outing. Luckily one of the couponing wonders I follow on Facebook happened to post this mat on sale at Amazon days after we got home. I have to be careful following her, she leads me into temptation! I started following her before we got our rv, she and her family took a year to travel in an airstream and there my dream was born. I’ve continued to follow her as she has zigged and zagged to find a way to balance work and life. https://www.facebook.com/QueenBeeToday Well, it’s going to take all my self control to walk away and get to work now that I’ve glanced at her posts to get the link!

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