April AND May showers…..

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Well, if spring is supposed to be cold and rainy then we are in the throws of it! I’m working on a vertical garden to set up a small barrier wall and to add some color. I got tired of waiting for the weather to be dry and warm enough for us to powerwash and repaint the deck – hopefully this will divert our eyes from the mossy wood! This is one of those live for today and plan for tomorrow moments, but ‘tomorrow’ may be September or October at this rate as far as a spring make over for the deck rails and floor.

The question is…. are the buckets too small for the plants to thrive? We shall see as spring and summer progresses. I made sure to grab a plant that already had a strawberry on it so I would be guaranteed one at least! The sage is doing great. I love to fry a few sage leaves and have in a pasta salad or over chicken, that little added crunch and the taste is so good!

The potatoes are loving what I consider crummy weather so I guess that’s a good thing. I’m not even bothering to crush the egg shells, I just toss them on top each time I add more soil. I’m trying very hard to be patient and wait before digging in to see if there are potatoes growing in the bag, it’s no easy task!

The dog is finding the weather quite depressing but we are fighting through and getting things ready for summer weather. I added a coat of auto engine (heat ‘proof’) spray paint to the gas firepit. It needs another coat but the lovely Pacific Northwest shade of green is gone. We are also de-winterizing the 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2, so the weather says otherwise we are hopeful warm weather will arrive soon.

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