“When a man is a traveller, the world is his house and the sky is his roof, where he hangs his hat is his home, and all the people are his family.”

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– Drew Bundini Brown.

These California Sealions didn’t leave much room to hang their hats! We wished we’d seen how they managed to haul themselves up on this buoy!

The Welcome Committee to Santa Barbara was a pier full of pelicans. We could watch them search the ocean and dive in for a meal all day but it was a beautiful day to discover a little bit of the city on our first visit so we tore ourselves away. The walk from the ships tender drop off pier along the ocean is beautifully lined with flower pots.

Not sure the photo does justice to one of the prettiest breakfasts we have had in a while! We walked to the Helena Avenue Bakery for a cup of coffee and to share this beautiful breakfast ‘taco’. The bakery is very cute and the staff were friendly and happy. The weather was so nice we were able to eat al fresco.

We enjoyed our day in Santa Barbara. We stopped in a few shops as we walked up State Street and found a birthday gift for our grandson. While waiting for the train to pass we had a great chat with a new friend. She was a real kick and when she saw Leo Rossi (who was guest speaker on the ship, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVp126kj4f0 ), she was sure she’d made eye contact with her next husband! We could have talked all day. We walked on the wharf and stopped at Moby Dick Restaurant for a cool beer, strawberry lemonade and shared a shrimp cocktail. The view was included in the price of the refreshments!

Of course we were back in the Enclave before having a yummy pasta dinner and burrata salad then watching the sunset. The next morning we had a small fruit platter and coffee while we sailed into San Diego.

It was a gorgeous day and we took advantage of a row of adirondack chairs to enjoy the view and people watch. We walked to Seaport Village then to Little Italy. We had reservations at the French bistro on board for dinner so didn’t go to Juniper and Ivy for dinner on this visit though it was hard not to! We did stop at Filippi’s and shared a salad and pizza for lunch.

While it wasn’t our favorite meal, I’m sure someone with a more sophisticated palate would love it. The olives stuffed with goat cheese were good and so was the Paté en croute Marie-Isabelle Macquet
compote de figue et poire
but the only thing I would maybe attempt to replicate at home would be the Ile flottante aux agrumes, Crème anglaise. The floating meringue was so light and airy.

The two things from these days in port that I am taking home are learning how to make an avocado aioli and sunny side up egg!

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