Last week we called the Princess Majestic cruise ship home. This was the same cruise we had booked two years ago. We were grateful to be back on board and were looking forward to our week.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

We love our ‘home is where you park it’ 1975 GMC Eleganza Motorhome trips but are thrilled to be back riding the ocean waves. We were lucky our particular airline was not affected by the pilot shortage and we had signed up for the SpotSaver to get through TSA quickly. Our flight was uneventful until we landed with a thump which was followed by gasps and then nervous laughter, just enough adrenaline to get the blood flowing through your legs after sitting for three hours! It was nearly 100 degrees when we landed at LAX and taking a transport bus from the plane over the tarmac to the main terminal and then another bus to the ground transportation area, well we weren’t the only ones whose tempers were getting heated. We were soon in a comfortable cab with someone else in charge of driving through Friday mid afternoon Los Angeles traffic.

Before we knew it we were settled in at our pre-cruise hotel and ordered our breakfast/lunch/dinner from Tacos El Goloso through Grubhub to be delivered to our room. The tacos dorados de birria were so good. There was one more hurdle before our vacation could really start – we had to pass our covid test in the morning. We had scheduled a test at the pier to satisfy the requirement of having a negative test within 48 hours of boarding and while we had taken a home test the night before we left, in all honesty until we passed that official test I wasn’t going to truly relax!

I had scheduled our test for 10:30 am so we left the hotel at 9:30 for the 3 mile drive to the port (Don’t laugh, early is on time, on time is late, I can’t help it.). I was glad I had my step counter watch on since there was a wee bit of confusion as to the location the testing was taking place. ‘Look for the lady with the flag that says covid testing’, ‘Go into that tent’, ‘Go into that building’, ‘This is only for Canadians’…. wash, rinse, repeat! We finally had to push past the ‘this is for Canadians’ guard and found where we were supposed to go. We passed our test, survived a conversation with a karaoke enjoying, puppet bringing, cigarette smoking, heavy drinker (we didn’t ask, he volunteered the information when I made brief eye contact) and were on board by 11:30. We had lunch at Alfredo’s Pizzeria, watched the muster drill video on our cabin tv, went to our muster station to get checked off and vacation had officially started!

After what would become a daily visit to the Enclave in the spa area, we brought a cheese platter back to our balcony and enjoyed the sail away.

The next day was an At Sea day and I was up to watch the sun rise. It was a shrimp salad for breakfast kind of morning and a steak tartare kind of evening. I could watch the waves crashing for days on end, it is so therapeutic. The sea air is so good for your soul.

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