Vacation is just around the corner

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It is the month of our 38th Wedding Anniversary and for the first time in two years we will be celebrating with a vacation. I’m a list maker and early packer – imagine that! April’s weather can be tricky but we like to pack light so it’s light layers for us. We could end up looking like Joey on Friends when he is wearing all of Chandler’s clothes!

It’s been a while since we had to pack liquids in a quart size bag. I hope I’m not being overly optimistic that sunblock and after sun care are going to be necessary! We always journal our vacations because the time goes so quickly and it’s easy for me to forget what we did yesterday when today was full of new adventure. It was fun to read about one of our NYC trips when I was looking for a blank journal.

While the new ships have installed usb ports, which is a very forward thinking (finally) upgrade, it’s good to have a power strip to keep the tablet charged for all the books I’ve downloaded in anticipation of lounging outside with a lemonade at my side and reading in the sunshine. This ship has a new app where you can order drinks and snacks to wherever you are on the ship so we will need to keep our phones charged also. Though I don’t want any phone calls while on board or while we are in port – no news is good news!

While the weeks to vacation count down, I’ve been keeping busy with a little gardening. The potatoes are starting to sprout, they seem to like the egg shell and coffee ground meals they’ve been getting. The blueberry plant hasn’t died yet so that’s a good thing and the onions seem to be doubling in size every day. I’m looking forward to getting some strawberry plants once the last of the cold weather seems like it truly is gone.

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