The year started with left over snow from December 26th that still hasn’t gone completely away here on the Sixth of January. I am ready for summer!

We ordered from NYC’s Katz Deli with the best intentions of a holiday meal together for New Years Eve. The road conditions made it impossible to be delivered on time but even with the delays it was packed so well, even though it came a few days later, the ice packs were still frozen and we were able to enjoy it last night. I found a photo of my ordering from Katz in person when were visiting NYC years ago. I used the instant pot to heat the corned beef and pastrami. I poured a cup of beef broth in the bottom of the pot then put the sliced meats into the steam basket and set it on manual for 4 minutes. It was warm and tender on lightly toasted rye bread with Katz’s deli mustard. I’m a fan of the full sour pickle as a side along with the knish. We were lovingly admonished by our Brooklyn friends when we had visited and ordered a sweet potato knish instead of a regular knish. Gotta say, I liked the traditional knish better! Instead of eating together we traded text messages and photos of our meal this week. This may have been one of my favorite ‘virtual travel moments’ – it felt like we were in the New York deli but were eating our actual meal in Seattle!

As I am continuing to travel virtually, right now walking the Flower Route in the Netherlands, we have booked a Pacific Coastal Cruise and made plans to attend the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. We have an rv trip booked also. The notebook is waiting to be filled with activity ideas!

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