The year is ending on a cold note for us Seattleites. It is beautiful, but temperatures in the high teens and low twenties, mehhhh I can pass on that part of it!

I am glad we winterized the 1975 GMC Eleganza 2 last month. All her water lines are emptied and the radiant heater is keeping her, well if not toasty, at least above freezing! We keep an indoor/outdoor thermometer in the house, with the ‘outdoor’ gauge in the rv so we can monitor the temperature. A bowl of hot homemade chicken soup with a matzoh ball keeps us warm and cozy.

As 2021 comes to a close I’m looking over photos from throughout the year. Making the choice not to travel yet wanting to get away, I joined a few Virtual Walking challenges. I started the year walking the 90 mile long Hadrian’s Wall. The path I followed was local but learning the history of the Wall made it an interesting trek.

In March I began my climb up Kilimanjaro. Yes, virtually, but adding stairs to the journey made some mornings feel like I was hiking a mountain peak!

In April I was off to explore the Inca Trail. The weather was improving and I think my view easily competed with the post card photos of the virtual walk I was on.

The Romantic Road was a challenge in and of itself. The heat of the summer and getting a temporary fulltime job gave me plenty of opportunity to cancel walking, which I took full advantage of and it certainly got me in a pickle as far as finishing on time! The path is 268 miles long and I rediscovered looking too far ahead doesn’t inspire me, I need shorter goals to work on as I approach the finish line. I did finish this journey and it may have meant the most to me of all the walks this year as it was the most mentally challenging.

As the year comes to an end I look back and am happy with the year we had. We enjoyed trips away in our RV, we spent time with family, we learned new things and we laughed together, often. I am looking forward to new adventures, time scheduled away and virtual escapes! I will be adding to this years 444.6 miles of virtual exploration starting the new year by walking the Flower Route in the Netherlands and then the Amalfi Coast. I wonder what other adventures we will find this year. I wish you a happy, healthy, adventurous new year!


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