We bought the 1975 GMC Motorhome three years ago this month

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I stumbled upon one of my travel notebooks. I always journal our vacations, with so much time in the planning the days fly by and I want to remember the details later. When I opened the pages of this particular notebook, I was confused for a minute until I realized what this journal was about. It was the birth of the idea of purchasing and traveling in an RV. It begins with…. “We are days away from our trip to Paris and I’m already planning what is next. I will be 55 and it’s time to really focus on our retirement plan.”

There is a small list of goals listed in the journal:

Document, research – keep photos and videos, journal the planning process.

Begin purge of what we don’t need.

Research Medical coverage.

We have been partners for a long time and as we look forward to the next stage in our lives together, the motorhome has given us another opportunity to work together, play together and plan together. The journaling turned into blogging, purging is a continued journey all in it’s own and medical coverage for the few years between retirement and medicare – ugh! Tomorrow is another day to figure that out.

Though we had a number of model’s we were looking at, the GMC fit the driveway (!) and the unique body style appealed to us. When we went to check out this 1975 GMC Eleganza 2 there was a lot of floor stomping and pushing on walls for soft spots, sniffing for mold, opening drawers and closets looking for any surprises – we had watched a number of videos on buying a used RV and what to look for at least on the surface. Everything was as it should be and the engine started right up and ran well. The next thing we knew, we were driving it home!

We have worked together to make the rv our home on wheels. We are enjoying trips we are taking now and planning ones we will be taking soon. Wherever we go we do make the destination Our New Neighborhood and having an rv that feels like a home with everything we need makes that possible.

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