Exploring from the Campsite

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We had a wonderful time exploring the nearby towns on our last camping trip. Fort Flagler is a beautiful state park with acres of wooded area and beach area to keep you plenty busy while camping in our 1975 GMC Motorhome but having a vehicle for daytrips made this week even better.

We took a drive to Port Angeles, the home of the Olympic National Park Visitors Center. While the weather wasn’t conducive to a trip up to Hurricane Ridge, we enjoyed the Port Townsend Pier and climbed up the four flights of stairs to the top of the observation tower. There was a break in the rain while we were there so the view was beautiful with a few sailboats nearby and you could see the San Juan Islands and I’m guessing Canada was in our sight line also. While we were headed into Port Angeles we saw a line of cars reaching onto the highway to get into a burger joint called Frugals. We made a note to stop on our way out and were glad we did. I just googled Frugals so I could get a better description and found there is one in Auburn WA also – oh boy, that’s much closer and we may be ‘forced’ to go and compare to see if it’s as good as the original! https://www.frugalburger.com/our_story The drive back to the campground along highway 20 was showing the first signs of fall.

Port Townsend is on our of favorite towns to visit. We were dodging rain drops but we had fun walking along the water front and stopping in to support businesses – that’s what you call shopping now! I picked up some flavored salts and the candy store drew me in too. I can’t believe we didn’t get a photo of our pizza by the slice purchase but it was POURING so I’m guessing I was more concerned with getting back to the car then a photo opportunity. We did find a great campground right on the water and have marked our calendar to try to reserve what we feel would be the ‘best’ site.

It stopped raining (PNW theme) so we were off and exploring. We headed off towards Port Ludlow which is essentially just a private marina. We did stop and walked through the marina area, listening to the sailboats singing in the wind. I’m learning more about our GPS system so when I saw a bit of green on the map I suggested we turn towards it. We turned down Seven Sisters Lane/Drive/Road and discovered two state parks right on the water. Once we could get a signal I learned these two parks are primarily for seasonal clamming. On the way back we stopped at the Chimicum Corner Farmstand and bought some local cheese, honey and vegetables like rainbow chard and peppers. For dinner we had greens and pulled pork that I cooked in the Instant Pot. It was a delicious dinner on a rainy, windy, fall night.

Have you read the Egg and I, or seen the movie? Or ever watched Ma and Pa Kettle movies? Well, the author whose books these movies were based on lived in Chimicum and I wanted to explore Egg and I Road. Funny as we were driving out to find it I noticed a number of business names reflected that theme – The Dog and I pet sitting, The Keg and I taproom. Egg and I Road is like many country roads in Washington State, having the windows open is a must so you can breath in that fresh air. While we didn’t drive up the driveway though there was a sign that said it was open for feed purchases – I didn’t need any hay or oats – I did jump out and take a few photos. It was a simple trip, just a drive to enjoy the day together with no ‘what do we NEED to do’ sneaking into our heads. The week away was what we needed and the RV Trip planning notebook has a few more notes in it for next year.

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