“Don’t keep forever on the public road, going only where others have gone.” ― Alexander Graham Bell

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I made a commitment to myself to post every Thursday and some weeks, well I have nothing! I was going through quotes for inspiration and this one caught my eye. It struck a cord with our desire to travel for long periods of time and, if it still seems like it’s the right thing for us, to travel fulltime. It’s not a path everyone considers.

With health issues, and even more reflection after these last seventeen months, as we approach our Twilight Years, looking at the road less traveled is still appealing. As we are (finally) under 750 days until retirement we are taking notes on the how to’s of social security and medical coverage options. So many opinions and finding what will work for us is a job in itself. And while we are looking ahead with more intent, we are enjoying today also. Days spent with family at the beach are memories I will always cherish.

I’m also collecting, as minimally as possible, ideas of ‘don’t miss stops’ we want to see on the road in our GMC Eleganza 2. We both agree we MUST see a Bucky’s gas station and driving Route 66, though I think in reverse order, is a must do also. I’ve started a box with brochures and notes of ideas we’ve taken from watching some of our favorite traveling RV’ers.

D and Grandpa nine years ago

We were blessed this week with our grandson spending a few nights with us. Having a teenager in the house has been fun, watching skateboard fails on Youtube (I think more for my reaction then the actual fails!), answering questions like ‘what did you do when you were my age?’ and overall just hanging out together has been great. Of course his hiding around the corner in the middle of the night when I was walking down the hallway and shouting boo nearly put me in an early grave and caused me to perhaps say a few non-grandmotherly type words as I tried not to scream and wake the neighborhood – I am thankful he chooses to spend time with us as he enters what can be a wonky stage in life. I’m happy with the path we are taking and whichever fork in the road we choose to turn at later, we will make the most of it too.

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3 Replies to ““Don’t keep forever on the public road, going only where others have gone.” ― Alexander Graham Bell”

  1. Very thoughtful and wise words shared. We are nearly there, to our retirement. Very much looking forward to seeing what we want to see in our GMC! (For now, we are not planning to go full time … just month long adventures.)
    Thank you for sharing your journey!!!

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