Clam Quick-Set Escape

Our recent week in the 1975 GMC Eleganza 2 motorhome was certainly enhanced by some of the ‘extras’ we have added. We are very happy to have our Clam Quick-Set Escape ‘tent’, which gives us an additional room. This became our kitchen and dining area along with a space to read, play the ukulele and escape the mosquitos! As long as you watch one of the many set up videos, it really takes less then one minute to pop up, but if you overthink it can take much longer!

Cooking outdoors wasn’t limited to hot dogs over the firepit – though we wished we had a fresh trout to skewer and cook over open flames! Although we could have cooked the jasmine rice in the Instant Pot at the campsite, we cooked it ahead so it would be cool when we wanted to cook dinner the first night. And we had leftovers for lunches later in the week.

We had an amazing breakfast of hot cinnamon rolls plus eggs, bacon and coffee that we cooked on the propane stove top. Using the silicone liner for the rolls kept them from sticking to the pan. ‘Baking’ is a breeze, I didn’t set a timer but when it started to smell like baked bread I peeked under the lid and the rolls were done. The Omnia Stovetop Oven cooks directly over the gas burner, it takes up virtually no space when storing and works great.

We made a version of Philly Cheese Steaks….our version. We grilled burgers, a few slices of bacon, Mama Lil’s Peppers, caramelized onions added some American cheese and toasted the buns on the grill for a great dinner. We are certainly enjoying our outdoor kitchen and dining area!

We had another great breakfast. We had received free samples of Alpine Start instant coffee, it is VERY good – tastes like coffee! So good in fact that I put it in my amazon cart that day so could order when we got back home. We have an electric hot water kettle which made coffee making very easy and then we had left over hot water for tea later in the day. We unrolled crescent rolls and made layers with chive and onion cream cheese, a thin slice of ham and shredded cheese before rolling them back up and baking them in the Omnia. Have I mentioned how great our meals were yet??? This was another winner and we could have eaten these all week for every meal.

Popping on the grill

But wait, there’s more! The Blackstone Grill is SO versatile – we made enchilada pulled pork pizza pies, Raclette, pizza and made popcorn right on the grill. The Blackstone may come out of the motorhome for more regular use for outside cooking or we’ll just do more driveway surfing at home!

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  1. Most people grill hotdogs and steaks, bacon and eggs, and leave it at that. I love that y’all are being so much more creative. It makes the outdoor camping experience that much more unique. Also, please send me the raclette and pulled pork! 🙂

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