It has been a few busy weeks doing home improvements in our 1975 GMC Eleganza II. The propane heater, while it worked perfectly, wasn’t as efficient for heating the RV as far as amp/watt draws with the mode of travel we plan on doing. While we will certainly be staying in RV parks, we are planning on staying in BLM areas (Bureau of Land Management), Harvest Host sites and other areas where we can live off grid. With this type of travel we need the most efficient system we can produce and removing things that are high amp draws and replacing with more efficient systems is high on our list. Removing the propane heater was no easy task but it is out and we now have a HUGE storage cabinet. The advantage of Tiny Home living is the area to heat is small, like 208 square feet small give or take! We have found our Little Buddy portable propane heater about cooks us out if we leave it on for long and we bought an adapter that we can use to refill the little green bottles from our propane tanks – which are now used only for stove top cooking and our tankless water heater.

Storage continues to be an adventure. One day this week I decided to walk to the market and ‘walk the aisles’ instead of the boring walk around the track to get my steps in. Fighting the urge to not buy sushi or poke or a ham and cheese baguette was a challenge in itself, BUT as I was walking up and down the aisles there were collapsible buckets. Had to stop in my tracks and look it over, wondering if this was an impulse item or something we could really use, common sense eventually prevailed since it can certainly be used for many uses – a rinse bucket, cleaning bucket or a salad/pasta bowl if we have company!! (Later in the week I walked back up and got a second for outdoor use.)

I have to say at home shopping is difficult in that it’s SO easy! Amazon isn’t the only temptation but Sisterhood of Secret Savers (, Deals and Steals (#dealsandsteals) and are difficult sites to turn my eyes from! I found these collapsible serving containers and they are nice quality. I know how nice they are because they magically appeared on my doorstep this week – well, not such a magic trick considering I ordered them within seconds of seeing them online! Along with the collapsible bucket and other storage items we’ve bought that are light weight, multi purpose and space saving, these should help keep our location independent living as minimal as possible.

Last week I finished my virtual walk on Hadrian’s Wall. When my son heard me say I wasn’t going to pay for another walk but would push myself to keep walking, he insisted on paying for the next challenge. Sooooo, I started ‘climbing’ Mount Kilimanjaro this week. While preferring a nice flat surface to walk on, we’ve incorporated a lovely (sarcastic) incline for at least one day a week and my personal goal is to add stairs at least once a week, knowing I’m not replicating the up hill challenge it would be to actually climb the mountain but will make the thighs burn and give the lungs a workout. It may sound silly but getting the medal in the mail last week did make my heart flutter a bit – in a good way!

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  1. Your extra storage, especially with the cedar lining will be valuable and smell wonderful too!
    Last summer we found a collapsible laundry basket that folds to about 3″ tall. It works well for hauling things outside to the picnic area or when unloading after a trip, storing dry things we don’t want rolling around while traveling (this while collapsed) and of course, the trips to the laundry.


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