With spring around the corner and the planning of the wedding – it’s got me looking at gardening sites.  Carpinito Brothers in Kent WA posted a photo of beautiful Cyclamen’s on their Facebook page.  I used to enjoy gardening, cleaning up from the winter and getting the garden beds ready for planting.  Watching the daffodils begin to open, the peonies break through the ground and the lemon thyme and chives come back to life gives me hope that fall and winter are over.  Then I was happy getting bags of wood chips to fill the beds to keep the weeds to a minimum and enjoy that it was relatively work free.  This year I feel a sense of wanting a combination of both – some color mixed in with the wood chips/beauty bark.

My small herb garden I really love.  I like to grab my scissors and cut the thyme, rosemary and chives to add to meals.   I want to add new soil to my refurbished file cabinet that we turned into a planter box, by removing the drawers, laying it on it’s back, spray painting it a vibrant yellow and filling with soil.  It makes a great tomato planter and it was nice to repurpose a cabinet we no longer needed.

So there is a lot of clean up to do and there is an old pear tree that hasn’t bared fruit in years (is that the term??) that needs to come down.  There is something about doing yard work, there is immediate gratification when the grass is mowed, the weeds are gone, the grape vine starts to grow and the wisteria takes over the cabana.  But…woosh… I’m going to have to really talk myself into digging in and getting started.

Maybe I can just pick out plants for the soon to be marrieds and make suggestions of where they could go and how it will make the ceremony area fantastic??  To be honest, I’d much rather get a spading fork and prepare their raised beds and prep them with Starbucks used coffee grounds (that they give you for free) then face my own yard.  Ugh…


#springcleaning #yardwork #planting #diy #cleanup #hopespringseternal #embracingdetours

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