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Because the kids work 6 days a week, I get to do wedding research!  They know it’s exactly what I love to do – research, plan, make lists, gather information and make a presentation with an open mind that two of three ideas could get nixed.  It will be a small backyard wedding which at first glance seems so simple.  Nope.  It can be as fancy or simple as you want, hay bales covered with comforters, wood folding chairs, bench seating or standing for a short ceremony.  The advantage of doing it in your own back yard and having spring and summer to prepare, you can plan your annual flower planting to go with your color scheme.  When my son graduated from the University of Washington, that spring we planted all yellow and purple flowers so when we had the party the gardens were the school colors – though I was probably the only one who noticed!

It’s been 36 years since I’ve planned a wedding and there were certainly things I would have changed to make it more personal to us.  While at the time I felt we were creating our own version, there were things I didn’t know I could say ‘no’ to that would have made it less stressful with long standing family issues.   So my advice for any bride or groom – well, besides saving the money from a big wedding for a honeymoon – is to make it YOUR DAY.  Do it your way, flowers/no flowers, big/little, church/courthouse, backyard/cruises ship or Vegas, meal/appetizers, wine/beer/cocktails, fancy dress/jeans, high heels/tennis shoes….  it’s your day.

I stopped at the fabric store and got 1/4 yard of three shades of white tulle and made a little presentation board of different ideas from table settings to hors d’oeuvres, dresses to hanging lights, and everything in between.  I picked up outdoor lights that were on deep discount at our local hardware store.  My board was pretty impressive, if not a little over the top perhaps?  And Goodwill scavenging for an Eiffel Tower and tall vases – all three for under $7.00 – and a can of both silver and rose gold spray paint so ‘we’ can make it ‘our’ vision!

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