We have changed our minds a dozen times of the method we will travel when we become Fulltime Rv’ers.  Will we use a ‘toad’ (a vehicle to be towed)?  Will we have motorcycle rack?  Will we have a small trailer?  Will one of us drive the rv while the other follows in a second vehicle? Or a combination of these methods?  There are a lot of options and plenty of time to decide.  What we do know is we will need a new trailer hitch.

After researching we found a hitch that is built specifically for the GMC Motorhome.  We (he!) could have built one but for some things it makes more sense to buy it ready to install.  Of course there is more to the install then just ordering the hitch! First we had to remove the bumper.  Our bumper had a good size dent we wanted to straighten out.  Necessity is the mother of invention and we used our stairwell, bottle jacks and a few other creative methods to straighten it out.

Removing the hitch was next.  What a wonky hitch we had!! Not sure exactly how strong or efficient our old hitch was.  Once it was removed we had a good view of the redirection we had previously done with our gray tank pipe (remember we installed a composting toilet so our combined gray/black tank is now for gray water only).

There were a few adjustments that needed to be made but as everything else with the restomod of our 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza II, if you don’t rush you can figure out a solution.

A can of black spray paint and some elbow grease on the bumper and she looks about brand new!

Another restomod project checked off the list!


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